Friday, April 20, 2012

Simple Comforts of the Old Homeplace

Southern Comfort

The old homeplace. Just listening to those words evokes
thoughts of comfort, family, and memories. Golden days of simplicity, hard work, and family togetherness can leave me longing for a lifestyle that has all but vanished into the past. Sitting on the old porch swing sipping cold lemonade or listening to grandma tell us stories of her childhood as she rocked in the porch rocker, feed my soul with happiness. I hear plenty of folks talk of how hard work was in earlier times, yet they would never trade those days because its part of who they are.  The tough times made them appreciate the good times. As the generations that lived there before, the old homeplace still stands as a tribute to the past and all its glory. Although its aged, weathered and worn, it reminds me that comfort is usually found in the things that we treasure. For me, the remembrances of a simpler time, of days long past, and roads well traveled that lead me to the old homeplace, a true southern comfort.

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