Monday, May 14, 2012

Spring Days

"Spring." How can I describe such a wonderful 'experience'. Yes, we should all experience 'Spring'. The bright and cheery colors that paint the landscape with a beauty beyond compare. The fragrant smells of all the blooming shrubs and flowers permeates our memory with scents long forgotten. Pastures full of green grass and tiny purple flowers sway in the gentle breeze. The sweet songs of birds calling their new mates, rises above the softly swaying of the treetops.The sound of busy bumblebees fills the air with their humming of a worksong. Butterflies dot the countryside, while dandelions stand tall in the warm afternoon sun. Sweet wysteria inches upward toward the sky,while a pink wild rose climbs across an old chimney posing for an admirers camera lense. Down the country road, a farmer awakens his old trusty tractor to till the sleeping soil.  As he finishes his last row, I hear in the distance the quiet, drifting call of a mother hen clucking to her baby chicks. Yes, Springtime has definitely bloomed and is all a glow with the Lord's goodness and light.