Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Watching Dreams Grow in 2012

What to do with a new year?  Choosing what to do with those 365 days can truly be troublesome, so I would like to challenge everyone to challenge themselves this year and grow a garden. It can be a large plot, a small group of pots on a patio or a hanging basket of tomatoes, but do this for yourself. You will enjoy the peace of mind it will give you and you can literally reap what you have sown. I already have set a few goals for myself as well as managed to create a couple for my husband too without him knowing about it. My first goal is to have a garden that produces plenty of vegetables to freeze, can and to share with my family. Then, when I complete my first goal, I want to say a prayer thanking the Lord for allowing me to overcome 2 Cancers and enable me to work the little plot of land I hold dear in my heart, my garden. May God Bless You and Your Gardens!      ~Tammy