Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Farmer in All of Us

There's something inside my heart that longs for the feeling of having been raised on a farm. Sometimes I daydream of what life must of been like in the days of Laura Ingalls Wilder and try to imagine myself in her day.  Being raised on the farm, I'm sure, was no picnic. Everyday must have been filled with chores, school lessons and very little time for play. What if today's lifestyle was nonexistant? Could we all survive in a world with no computers, cars, or cell phones? With the recent drop in the economy and the rising costs of living, I noticed the growing number of folks going back to some of the simple ways of living. One example is the raising of chickens in our backyards. The soothing cluck of the chicken is growing in our communities and we are finding out just how satisfying it is to collect our very own eggs. Another new craze is the 'home garden'. The rising cost of gasoline has driven up the cost of food so much, that folks have begun vegetable gardens. There's nothing like the feeling of walking out to your backyard and plucking a juicy, ripe red tomato off the vine and making a delicious sandwich. So think about it. Simple pleasures such as these, truly enrich our lives and can soothe our very soul. You might even surprise yourself with what you accomplish!